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About Us

Resume workshop in St. Catherine

Why The Career Guru


Helping individuals chart their future and making them marketable is one of our key purpose of existence. We enjoy seeing our clients through our services walk into their dream jobs and climb the ladder to success by providing the best Proposal, Grant and resume writing service possible.

For years we have seen where individuals have  been exploited by proposal agencies and resume builders. We want to let individuals know that they are not the only ones who offer top writing services. We are presenting more than the average day to day service to our clients. We will coach, draft and empower you to become the professionals you dream of becoming by letting you be heard before you have spoken and hired before you are interviewed, with our top-notch professional Proposal, Grant and resume writing services.


Why the Business Guru?

 We have been operating as consultants and project directors for a number of companies in Jamaica and the United States. One thing we have found in common is the fact that small and medium size minority owned businesses are neglected. We believe that if these neglected businesses are given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas, supervised by trained and experienced business and finance Guru they will reap continued success. We have helped;

  1. Villas,
  2. Hotel,
  3. Wholesales,
  4. Autoparts Store,
  5. Financing Companies,
  6. Construction Companies. 

These are just a few of the markets that we have tapped into and helped these businesses to experience continued success. We conduct feasibility tests  for new businesses and companies that are interested in offering new services in and around a particular area to validate the viability of this new service or product in the proposed area. DO YOU NEED A BUSINESS PLAN OR PROPOSAL?Yes we offer first class service to anyone who is in need of business plans and proposals within a 48hr turnaround time.   


Let us close the deal

We put each of our clients interest as number one. So at no point will you ever feel as if you are not of importance and your needs are not our priority. Make contact with us today so we can help you on your way to success. 
We tread on the impossible.